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If the wood floor soaked in water, consumers should be the first time the home floor all removed. Solid wood flooring is best to find professionals to remove the other, such as composite flooring, etc. can open their own baseboard, pry open a floor, the rest can be their own demolition.

After the demolition of the floor to be placed in a ventilated place to dry, not exposure, because the rapid damage caused by exposure to moisture, will lead to deformation of the floor. And then dry the ground, dry, dry, and then re-install the floor. But because the floor bubble after the original glue are invalid, so it is best to ask a professional installation workers pavement. The floor after the use of water again, the performance will play some discounts, will certainly be easy to deformation, but can also be re-pavement after the floor wax or essential oil care, can play a role.

The floor soak after the need to take measures as soon as possible, if soaked three or four days later to take measures I am afraid it does not help. The above approach is in the floor after all the need to take the emergency measures, in normal life, if only a small area of water, such as accidentally poured a pot of water on the floor, only need to wipe a few times, with the fan dry Can be.

Furniture, soak the water treatment is relatively simple, to move the furniture carried to dry place, dry or dry. If you can not move the furniture, such as the whole cabinet and the like, you need to see the degree of soaking whether to remove. Usually soak the furniture is easy to change color, paint stripping, and even rot.

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