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The raw material of Ji xiang is a fast-growing tree which is planted by artificial planting where can i buy pvc decking in ni , which is generally 5-7 years, and there are plans for the planting of the species.It can improve the forest quality of the western mountain area of Sichuan Province above grounds pools basic decks , and to improve the ecological environment.

Ji xiang wood industry focuses on high-tech means and advanced technology and technology to maximize the utilization of timber resources.To reduce the demand for wood in relative terms wood wall exterior panels from europe .Leshan Ji xiang has introduced the first-class German production equipment and craft in order to create the first-class product quality.

Ji xiang Wood has hired a foreign expert group led by the world's famous medium density production expert outdoor wood box use wpc panel , mr Norman Laurie, and responsible for technology, technology and quality control.

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