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The color of the floor on the market more, from the wood color of the birch to the very dark rosewood and other dozens of colors. The same color of the wooden floor can also be made of different varieties of wood outdoor waterproof deck , the price is also different because of its precious and different, as long as more than 100 pieces / square meters, while the high is to thousands of dollars.

We should choose according to their own economic situation of wood. Birch, oak and other low or moderate prices, such as precious teak, rosewood and other precious varieties of high prices. The market sales of flooring wood varieties in terms of hardness or technology can meet the requirements, so do not blindly pursue the selection of precious varieties of wood.

As the floor in the interior occupies a very important position, the color of the floor can best reflect the owner of the decoration style and contrast atmosphere, so be sure to follow the decoration design style to choose the color of the floor. Wood color to bring people close to the natural warm feeling; white delicate euphemism reflects the clean and tidy; dark floor with classical furniture gives a rustic, nostalgic feeling. In short, the color of the floor with the overall style of home coordination.

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