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Quality: at the outset plastic wood composite profiles floor , to see the material available to view in his hand and eye .If the floor and hold it in the hands of a lighter that is used in tender bamboo, if the eyes of its texture is blurred farm wall sheeting materials , this is not new is the relatively new bamboo of bamboo.

Secondly, whether symmetrical balance structure at the floor, from both ends of the floor of bamboo sections to determine their compliance with the principle of symmetrical balance if so, the stability of the structure utility trailer decking options .A final look at the floor layer and inter-layer bonding, whether the available hands off, to see whether the layer and inter-layer layers.

The machining precision: Can a random selection of from 4 to 5 floor, after the split tongue and groove on a flat surface, to see whether seam, then touch the surface whether level off black composite fence posts .At the same time can prove that the transport of bamboo flooring over a period of time, after storage remained intact, so that the quality would be better protected.

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