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A mere good design is not enough as far as purchase of a house is concerned; rather there are many other aspects to it as well. Among these aspects, is the name of the house builder? As a purchaser (in Bathurst) you need to purchase a house from a builder who is rated among the best Bathurst builders. There are many Bathurst builders out their however there are only a few who qualify to be the best. In the heading below you will find the description of popular Bathurst builders.
The Best builders currently operating in Bathurst
Hotondo Homes: It is Australia’s leading network as far as professional building is concerned. The Company has won various awards as well
Dunstan Constructions Bathurst Pty Ltd: The Company is a renowned name in the construction circles of Bathurst. The company is popular for its new homes as well as units. Designing and construction are the two things which the company offers to its clients.
Inscape Projects Group:  Inscape Projects Group is popular particularly due to its ability of creating commercial working environments which are aesthetic in nature. Quality and professionalism are the two things which has made the company popular throughout Bathurst
Stephen Smith: It is another company which has initiated some of the most fantastic housing projects in recent years. The company is popular primarily due to its extraordinary construction as well as design. Stephen Smith has the ability to offer more than 30 home designs.
Conclusion: The End Note
These are the three companies which we think are the best in Bathurst at the moment. You can find relevant data pertaining to these mentioned companies easily from the internet. There are a lot of construction projects initiated by these companies in the recent past. 
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